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What is Vipeq Stone®?

Synthetic-mineral thin-layer quartz coating for renovation of horizontal and vertical walls.

STONE® VIPEQ is a mixture of quartz particles, binders of different nature and additives. Its composition provides it with suitable qualities as a coating for swimming pools or coating for areas with risk of impact or friction.

The characteristics of its composition make it a perfect material as a coating for baseboards, pillars, terraces, covers or fiberglass pools. Its high quartz content gives it high resistance and hardness. Its application is ideal as a decorative finish both indoors and outdoors.

Appearance Paste-like product
Final texture Fine or coarse finish
Granulometry 0,4 – 0,9 mm
Fire Reaction (UNE-EN 13501:2002) Bs1d0


  • A complete solution for floors on roofs, flat roofs, passable balconies and terraces.
  • Finishing hard floor on pedestrian sideways, public areas, parks, etc.
  • Interior or exterior non-slippery floors in new buildings or renovations.
  • Baseboard or skirting board on walls and interior design.
  • Final coating on walls and floors of bathrooms, tiling and other substrates, without removing them


  • Texture: GRAINY
  • Appearance: DOUGHY PRODUCT
  • High superficial hardness
  • Fire rediction U(NE-N13501:2007): Bs1,dO
  • Anti-slippery rate U(NEN-V1263230:0:3): Class 3 according toDBSUA1 of CTE
  • High flexibility and elasticity
  • Coverage: 3.5-3.8 kg/sqm in total

STONE VIPEQ® is Available in a Wide Colour Range

Color combinations can be made according to customer needs. STONE VIPEQ® allows to renew or cover tile for swimming pools or venecitas.


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STONE VIPEQ® Properties

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